ADAC Classic Revival Pokal starts in the season 2019

28.3.2019 Munich. With the ADAC Classic Revival Pokal ADAC offers, together with its local and regional clubs and a wide range of tours on offer for lovers of classic and historical vehicles and motorcycles.

The three series, each with a tour, a sporting or tourist concept for the Automobile and the motorcycle series in the season 2019, nationwide, around 60 runs. The application of the three ADAC classic series, is free and can be done at any time during the season.

ADAC Classic Revival Pokal offers classic car enthusiasts, with a particular interest in the care and preservation of the vintage community, a comprehensive platform. On 6. April, the ADAC Classic Revival Pokal for historical Cars, with 14 starts. ADAC Stormarn Classic, hero Trittau from the sachsenring-Motorsport and more MSC. Friends of historic motorcycles will start the season at the 4. May the 42. ADAC veterans rally “spruce grove”, which will be held from the DDAC Heide e. V.

While all the classic motorcycles in a race to the starting line, is provided for historical Cars, a tour of sporting and tourist rating. In the case of participation in several races of the ADAC Classic Revival Pokal in the overall ranking, the five best results are taken into account. In the framework of a ceremony on the 30. November will be honored by the successful driver.

The registration for the ADAC classic series is online at possible, the tenders of the series, as well as the program, further information and the results are also available there.

ADAC Classic Revival Pokal 2019 (photo: ADAC classic)

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