Tuning World Bodensee is expanding the successful Club landscape to the Style Mile

Drive style meets Lifestyle: a New Style Mile, shows Trends, and sets the Social Media communities in scene

8.4.2019 Friedrichshafen. Even closer to the tuning scene, the 17. Edition of Tuning World Bodensee and your concept of success remains more faithful.

“Tuning is now much more than just Autotuning. It is a way of life and at the Tuning World Bodensee, we celebrate the love of the automobile in all its facets“, says Klaus Wellmann, CEO of Messe Friedrichshafen. “Our for the upcoming season tuned event concept reflects this with the new Style Mile, the latest Tuning Trends.” In addition to their vehicles, the Style Mile is a Community with its own Fashion Labels in the scene, and celebrated together with the visitors to the fair in a relaxed atmosphere.

In recent years, has developed the fast-paced Tuning Community. Trends have come, were absorbed and completely re-interpreted. “For us, the Tuning World Bodensee is much more than an event,” says project Manager Dirk chalk white, “we have extended the Tuning of our show, with the Style Mile the Club scene and character of the Tuning World Bodensee and back at the same time, current developments in the focus.” If clothes make the man, makes a chic wheel and tire combination, so to speak, cars.

The most important Tuning Trend is, and remains, the so-called “Fitment” – this refers to the effect of the wheel-tire combination in conjunction with a maximum lowering in the wheel arches. Among connoisseurs it’s now to the extent that, on the Basis of this Trends further styles have been established. The so-called “Camber-Movement” is moved by means of a modified body-in camber the camber angle of the wheels in the most extreme look.

Be combined the various “Fitment-styles” with all of the other tuning styles of the past few years. So it plays no role whether the show car with a so-called Bolt-On wide body kit cowers on the pavement, at first glance, relatively subtle OEM is elected+-Tuning with the combination of original accessories of an automobile manufacturer or the timeless Race is a celebration Look. Basically the car model plays no role any more. The “Fitment” Trend has long been for young-timer, super sports cars and even Custom-Builts on the Basis of the old Muscle Cars to the trendy Styling.

With the new Style Mile, the Tuning World Bodensee is now one of the many loosely organized Facebook groups, and Lifestyle Communities, a scene near the platform. The often-free are not combinations only on various Social Media channels active, for a long time, these Online groups and Communities in their respective Special-Interest scene, are the main opinion-leaders and trend-setters. Many of these “Tuning-Crews” not only your variety of vehicle concepts in the scene, but also themselves. Because drive style and Lifestyle. So many of the Crews have established your own T-Shirt collections or Caps in the scene – 2019 Tuning is far more than just autotune, it’s a lifestyle.

The indoor Arrangement, therefore, reflects this sense of life. The variety of vehicles and associated drivers, and their respective circles of friends to present their vehicles in a different Style Islands and invite the visitors at the Tuning World Bodensee to take a stroll to the various Styles to be replaced.

The international exhibition Event for car Tuning, Lifestyle and Club-scene will take place from Thursday, 3. May to Sunday, 5. May 2019, and is open daily from 10 to 18 o’clock.

Free Parking in official fair Parking lots. The all day ticket is in presale 12 Euro, at the ticket of 15 Euro.

For more information: www.tuningworldbodensee.de

www.facebook.com/tuningworldbodensee, www.instagram.com/tuningworld_bodensee and #tuning world Bodensee

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