SEAT launches kick scooter-Sharing

11.4.2019. Micro-mobility is all the rage – and is driven by SEAT-active: After the introduction of the electric scooter eXS kick scooter powered by Segway SEAT on the Barcelona Smart City Congress, and the international presentation of the concept car SEAT Minimó the Spanish car manufacturers are now taking the next step.

At this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the brand has announced that it is assuming the role to promote urban micro-mobility strategy for the Volkswagen group and implement.


  • Madrid as a germ cell of a kick out of sharing project
  • Urban mobility revolutionize
  • Close cooperation with public institutions
  • App-based payment model

Madrid as a germ cell of a kick out of sharing project

Since then, SEAT has sold more than 5,000 units of electric scooter SEAT eXS, which was launched in December last year on the market. The company is continuing this path and has now given up the strategic cooperation with the Start-up of a UFO is known. Together with XMOBA Ventures it would like to offer a Service for the community use of E-scooters (kick sharing). In the framework of this project, the inhabitants of Madrid 530 copies-of-the-SEAT eXS kick scooter powered by Segway will be provided.

“The eXS is the first SEAT product, the aims of which are specifically designed to simplify mobility in cities. The UFO signed agreement underlines our commitment to micro-mobility, and marks our entry into the kick-scooter-Sharing,“ says Lucas Casasnovas, head of SEAT product marketing.

Urban mobility revolutionize

Mario Marín, co-founder and CEO of UFO’s, explains: “the UFO was founded with the aim to revolutionise mobility in cities and to make it simpler, more sustainable and humane. We are very happy to have in SEAT found a Partner that understands the demands on the mobility of the future like no other, and fits its Vision perfectly the ideas of UFO. We have ambitious plans and want to establish a UFO so in other European cities. This partnership will pave the way to get there.“

In the Wake of the partnership between UFO and XMOBA Ventures, a SEAT independent of the company, the new mobility testing solutions, imports and finances, it is also provided that XMOBA want to analyze the mobility data for the thrill of sharing Service, in order to gain new insights for urban micro-mobility concepts of tomorrow.

Close cooperation with public institutions

SEAT is working closely with authorities and institutions. The company listens to exactly what you have to say to the representatives of various public institutions, in order to win in this way, insights into their approach to mobility in large cities. A further aim is to identify synergies for the special challenges in relation to urban mobility.

The cooperation with UFO is not limited to Madrid is Planned, the pilot program to expand to be able to, depending on the success of the project the Service in other cities have to offer. It is always looking for the cooperation with public authorities. SEAT is committed to the goal of integrating in this way new means of locomotion in the urban environment – and in a way that ensures that the city’s population feels as safe as possible and a little disturbed.

App-based payment model

The best example of this is the kick-sharing Service about UFO’s. He works in a very easy and intuitive: users will be able to see on the basis of an App-based card, whether in the vicinity of your location, one of the electric scooter is located. This can be by scanning of the QR Codes is unlocked. The cost for the Service amounts to a unique € 1.00 for the unlocking, and EUR 0.15 per Minute of usage time. The payment occurs automatically, and time-of-use via the App.

UFO operates the kick-sharing Service in Madrid, under licence from the urban Department of mobility and environment. In order to establish UFO as an Alternative for sustainable urban mobility. In accordance with the local traffic regulations in Madrid is the kick scooter for motorcycles and bicycles provided for Parking, must be parked in General Parking areas on the street or on the sidewalk.

SEAT eXS kick scooter (Foto: SEAT)

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