The new Volkswagen ID. R celebrates its world premiere at the Nürburgring

25.4.2019. Volkswagen has ID at the Nürburgring, the further developed Version of the electric racing car. R presented. The sporting flagship of the future all-electric product family of Volkswagen will line up on the 20.832 km long Nordschleife, a new lap record for electric vehicles.

For drivers Romain Dumas, can offer the previous best mark of 6:45,90 minutes, has been Volkswagen Motorsport and the ID. R is consistently developed. 25. April of ID. R complete the first Test at the Nürburgring-Nordschleife. Virtually, the new ID is not rotating. R has been introduced from today on his rounds: for the First time a race car at the same time, a realistic Computer Simulation, which can be downloaded for free.

“The Mission of the ID. R as the spearhead of the full electrical ID. Product family of Volkswagen goes on,“ said Sven Smeets, Volkswagen Motorsport Director. “In 2019, the ID will be. R the great potential of electric-drive proof and emission-free technology with a high level of emotional connect. The Nürburgring Nordschleife is the next step on the journey of the ID. R, which stands as a Symbol for the future importance of electric drive vehicles in the whole of Motorsport at Volkswagen. The ID. To see R for the first Time on this legendary track that is guaranteed to be a spine-tingling Moment.“

The 500 kW (680 HP) electric-drive of the ID. R has been adapted to the unique stretch characteristics of the Nordschleife. As energy storage can serve on the Board of the ID. R two Lithium-ion-battery blocks, which were constructed with the Expertise from the series development of Volkswagen and its structure is similar to the in the future series-production vehicles the ID. Family the technology used.

New aerodynamics with technology from formula 1

The most striking feature of the evolution version of the ID. R the to a higher top speed designed aerodynamics. “In the past year, what is asked on-the-curve mountain circuit and the thin air on Pikes Peak maximum output,” explained François-Xavier Demaison, Technical Director of Volkswagen Motorsport. “On the North loop round is the ID. R an average speed of more than 180 km/h, with a top speed on the Straights of up to 270 km/h. We have therefore developed a completely new aerodynamics, the formula 1 known DRS (Drag-Reduction-System), and so optimizes power management, which controls the power output of the two electric motors and energy recovery during braking.“

Romain Dumas is familiar with the Nürburgring-Nordschleife, as barely a Second. Four Times the Frenchman won the race to the famous 24-hours. Nevertheless, he is the upcoming first test drive with the ID. R with great respect. “I’m the Nordschleife with the ID. R countless times in the Simulator, hazards. But the right feeling, especially for the extremely high cornering speeds you get on the race track. It is impressive in the extent to which the ID. R what developed in comparison to 2018. I can’t wait to see the ID. To drive R finally on the Nordschleife,“ says Dumas.

The world premiere of a digital ID. R can virtually be even on the Nordschleife driven

However, not only Dumas is to get the opportunity ID. To drive R on the Nordschleife. Racing fans can follow the professional from now on and virtual. On the occasion of the world premiere of the further-developed ID. R, Volkswagen has for the free-to-play racing simulator RaceRoom launched to the Online racing simulation, in the Gamer even in the ID. R can go on the 20.832 km long Nordschleife, and with Romain Dumas fairs – with the option of Virtual-Reality glasses. The Computer model of the vehicle what is based on original data of the ID. R is created, and the engineers from Volkswagen Motorsport gave the game developers in-depth insights into the physics of driving of the electric sports car to have the driving experience to implement on your home Computer as realistic as possible. All the info at:

Volkswagen ID. R (photo: Volkswagen AG)

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