Mercedes-Benz Vans launches campaign for new V-class: Make Your Move

8.5.2019 Stuttgart. Mercedes-Benz to accompany the launch of the new V-class is the innovative communication campaign, “Make Your Move”.

Five protagonists give an insight into their lives and tell of a life-changing decision. The special feature of the campaign: Mercedes-Benz Vans for the first Time on a screenplay, and relies on authentic, target-group-close-to-real-life stories. At the beginning of the campaign plays with a focus on Social Media channels, followed by TV advertising. The films are now online.

Marion Friese, head of Marketing Mercedes-Benz Vans: “With’ Make Your Move” let’s go for the first Time in the campaign communication because the V-class is a versatile vehicle for a variety of audiences: We have a need for families and recreationists with high place, but also to traders who use their V-class professional as well as private. With the campaign, Mercedes want to show Benz the customer group that the convertible V-class is a strong companion for all of life and freedom and independence.“


  • “Make Your Move” – Five stories from the life
  • The campaign in three steps for the product
  • Marco Polo: Same campaign, different story
  • The new V-class

“Make Your Move” – Five stories from the life

Nothing is more authentic than the reality. This is why Mercedes-Benz for the campaign around the world to people who tell their own history of decision-making, change and movement:

the father of a family in search of Work-Life Balance,
of Outdoor couple between the Kick and the everyday,
of employee on-the-go-in-the-leisure-based self-employment,
a woman with a new appeal on a new continent,it
two friends in the realization of your dream

Each customer group, the V-class can be found in one of the five stories again: as changeable and flexible life can be a every wide range of the new V-class. The films are online. Responsible for idea, concept and implementation of the campaign, the Agency Lukas Lindemann Rosinski.

The campaign in three steps for the product

The communication campaign is mainly designed for Social Media channels, and performs the various customer target groups in the three stages of the product: First of attention by emotional Story is awakened Teaser. On Canvas – carrousel-format, which are displayed after Clicking in full-screen mode or allow, in a display of multiple images, Videos, or Links to present, the audience targeted product information. In the third step, the interested persons are conducted on the Mercedes-Benz Website. The focus of The campaign is the start of communication in the social media, later the Content will be used for other advertising formats such as TV advertising.

Marco Polo: Same campaign, different story

So for the compact motorhome of Marco Polo, the communication is assumed in the concept. The campaign period starts, however, with its own authentic history. Is portrayed here, Nick Fouquet, a well-known Hatter, who has focused on the production of exclusive and custom-made models.

The new V-class

Five years ago, the Mercedes-Benz V-class sat with their Design, their perceived value, your comfort and your safety and assistance systems set standards in the Segment of large MPVs and wrote since then, international success story. The model of care strengthens now values these core and thus increases the attractiveness of the largest member of the Stuttgart passenger family car. Of the innovations the V-class, the compact travel – and-leisure mobile Marco Polo and Marco Polo HORIZON to benefit. The focus of The model of care, among other things, the introduction of the four-cylinder diesel engine generation, the OM 654 – in addition to the revised, distinctive front design as the V 300 d with a new peak of 176 kW (239 HP) (combined fuel consumption of 6.1-5.9 l/100 km, CO2-emissions combined 161-155 g/km)[1]. The new engine generation is still more efficient and cleaner, and provides an improved noise and vibration comfort. In addition, the new V-class comes for the first time with a 9G-TRONIC automatic transmission, as well as safety and assistance systems to date, including the Active brake assist. The new V-class is available in Europe since March 2019 can be ordered.

[1] The figures shown were obtained in accordance with the prescribed measuring procedure. It is the NEDC CO2-values as defined in art. 2, no 1 implementing regulation (EU) 2017/1153. The fuel consumption values were calculated on the Basis of these values. Further information about the offered vehicles, including the WLTP-values, you will find country-specific on


The new Mercedes-Benz V-class exterior design and equipment line EXCLUSIVE, SELENITES grey metallic

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