Audi makes technicians with Virtual Reality in the world fit for the e-tron

17.5.2019. Know-how in the field of high-voltage technology, electrical and electronic engineering: Audi technical Trainer and service technician prepares worldwide on the Audi e-tron*. For the first time to use Virtual Reality training.

The virtual technology enables a true-to-life, risk-free Learning of highly sensitive technologies such as the high-voltage battery. The company uses an efficient digital modular solution for VR training, for example in the area of logistics in use.

With the launch of its first fully electric series-production model with the Four rings wants to bring new challenges to the trade and service organization of AUDI AG. “We want to support our service partners in the Transformation towards electric mobility in the best possible way and at the same time, our training offer digital align,” says Markus Siebrecht, head of sales, After Sales of AUDI AG. “That is why we have been working intensively with innovative training concepts for the necessary qualification profiles. The targeted use of Virtual Reality is an important building block.“

As a result, service technicians practice in the virtual space, especially at the heart of the new e-tron: the high-voltage battery. In the process of training, you will learn step by step how to open the battery, a control box swap or a battery module switch. Benefits of training in Virtual Reality: the Audi was able to roll out the training thanks to the digital technology in the world quickly, efficiently and at a high level in the markets. So, the technicians are already on the market introduction optimally to the new model is prepared. In addition, the employees can get to know the unknown, and the highly sensitive technique in the virtual space, completely safely, and the training speed itself can be determined. Playful element to increase the Motivation of learners. The Tutorials are in addition to German and English so in Spanish and French available.

The VR-Training for the service technology is based on a modular solution, the synergies with other areas of the company uses. Standard interactions such as the Gripping of the components are pre-programmed already, existing design data such as the battery can be installed in existing environment templates: This reduces production and development costs and makes the series-use of Virtual Reality to be affordable.

Already today tinkering on new training concepts. It’s conceivable that a Multi-User approach is to meet with the teachers and students together in a virtual room to each other – even if they are physically in totally different locations. Augmented Reality, Merging real and virtual worlds, is also in preparation: For car body experts in the dealerships, Audi is currently developing an application that makes the Audi e-tron on a Tablet as a 3D model in real-size life. Animation show the service technicians to the repair steps in Detail.

All Audi-training contents are the service partners worldwide in a Cloud-based knowledge database and can be accessed flexibly.
Fuel consumption figures:
Audi e-tron

Electricity consumption combined in kWh/100 km: 26.2 mm – 22,6 (WLTP); 24,6 – 23,7 (NEDC combined); CO2 emissions combined in g/km: 0; (data to the fuel/electricity consumption and CO2 emissions in the case of clamping widths in dependence of the selected equipment of the vehicle)

Information on fuel consumption and CO2 emissions and efficiency classes for span widths depending on the tire/wheels set.

With Virtual Reality the electric age
Audi power technicians worldwide, fit for the e-tron
(Photo: AUDI AG)

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