In may 2019 the world, where 54,400 SEAT vehicles were delivered

12.62019. SEAT has best may sales figures in the company’s history. With the world, where 54,400 vehicles of the Spanish automobile has provided manufacturers in the fifth month of this year, an increase of 10.5 percent. For the first time SEAT was able to sell more than 50,000 vehicles in may of each year, thus exceeding the previous may record of 2018 (49.200) clearly once again.

So if you look at the vehicle sales made in the course of the year, is a SEAT with around 257,000 previously sold vehicles at a record rate: In comparison to the prior-year period, this is a Plus of 7.7 percent. From January to may, 2018 SEAT had previously delivered 238.500 vehicles, and thus the up to now best result in its history.

CUPRA on the Fast track
So CUPRA* can capture a new sales record: In the first five months of the year, the young brand has sold more than 10,300 vehicles – this corresponds to a Zuwachsvon 76.8 percent compared to the first five months of 2018.

(*Note: the result is included in the total sales of SEAT)

Wayne Griffiths, SEAT Board member for sales and Marketing as well as CEO of CUPRA, stressed that “we are pleased with our double-digit growth in may, a particularly. This Trend we want to continue in the coming months. The Figures show in all the main markets, especially in Germany, France and Italy, where we recorded growth rates of about 15 percent. Our family SUV continues to deliver great results, while CUPRA exceeds all of our global expectations, and particularly in countries such as Germany, the UK and Switzerland is increasingly gaining in popularity.“

Germany in may sales strongest individual market

In the first five months of the year, the growth rate of the SEAT was the key European markets of Germany, France and Italy, about Twice that of the General development of the brand.

With 52.900 vehicles sold – an increase of 14.6 percent compared to the same period last year – Germany is a leader in the single markets and a driving force of the global growth of the brand. “We are very pleased that we were able to once again contribute our part to the impressive world market success of the SEAT”, said Bernhard Bauer, managing Director of SEAT Deutschland.”Of course we are not resting on this excellent may result, but, of course, the growth rate and also the pace on the German market to maintain.”

A significant Plus in other European countries

Not only in this country, so on the Spanish home market, SEAT was able to increase its sales this year significantly (52.500 units sold; +4.0 percent) and its Position as the market leader in Spain to consolidate. In the UK a total of 31,000 vehicles were delivered, an increase of 5.5 percent. France and Italy are the two main European markets, where the highest increase in SEAT Council that have been achieved: 16.5% (14,600 vehicles) or 16.0 percent (12.400).

The sales curve of the Spanish automobile manufacturer has also been in other European markets, a clear upward, such as in Austria (10.100; +3.6 percent), Switzerland (5.700; +15.5 percent), the Netherlands (5.200; +26.0 percent), Portugal (5.100; +11.3 percent), Sweden (3.700; +9.3 percent), Denmark (2.800; +21.8 percent) and in Ireland (2.700; +8.9 percent). In addition, SEAT so achieved in Mexico, sales growth, and lands above the mark of 10,000 vehicles sold (10.200; +5.3 percent).

SEAT Mii electric (Foto: SEAT)

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