ADAC and Burda conclude strategic partnership for the new “ADAC motor world”

12.7.2019. The ADAC is restructuring its members ‘ magazine “ADAC motor world” fundamentally new, and has closed a strategic co-operation with the media company Hubert Burda Media.

From the first quarter of 2020, the Burda subsidiary BCN as General contractor for production, manufacturing and printing, as well as for editorial, sales, Marketing and Distribution of Europe’s largest magazine responsible. The mobility of the club remains the editor of the “ADAC motor world” and is the editor-in-chief Martin Kunz, therefore, continue to be responsible for the content.

ADAC President Dr. August Markl: “With Hubert Burda Media, we have the best conditions that the newly designed ‘ADAC Motorwelt’ is a success story for our members and the advertising writes customer. We look forward to working with such a renowned and experienced media house, and are convinced that this step marked the beginning of a good, successful partnership.“

Burkhard Grassmann, spokesman of the management Board, BCN: “The ADAC, the ADAC motor world’ the largest magazine in Europe in our hands, and for this trust I would like to thank you on behalf of the whole house Burda warmly. The BCN has convinced with his concept for the new ‘ADAC Motorwelt’, because we can bring many of the core competencies Burda has been concentrating and its extraordinary proximity to the consumer.”

With the decision for Hubert Burda Media, the ADAC is the next step, its various communication channels, integrated and future-capable and to network with each other. The printed version of the “ADAC motor world” remains an important communication channel to the ADAC members, due to the quarterly frequency, with effect from 2020, significantly subtle, with a higher quality performance, promise of a much better quality feel and the content more diverse range. Is added to the new “ADAC motor world” using a variety of Supplements that primarily to provide regional and local content and offers.

“Our new ‘ADAC Motorwelt’ convinced that in the future, the content and substance, behind the green speed and a high reading is a pleasure,” said ADAC managing Director Lars Soutschka for sure. “At the same time, we are investing massively in the Expansion of our digital communication channels that are established from the beginning of next year, is so fundamentally new and almost value-in-use, highly individualized Services and the latest mobility news will provide. Thus, the On – and Offline world of the ADAC are highly complementary. We have begun a new-media Chapter.“

Marketed the new “ADAC motor world” from next year on the nationwide 178 ADAC offices and travel agencies, the ADAC driving safety centres, as well as the retail outlets on a nationwide basis in the markets of EDEKA and Netto Marken-Discount. With this distribution network all ADAC members on presentation of your membership card will still have the opportunity to take a very simple and straightforward the latest edition of their members magazine the next time you shopping with the home.

So the new ADAC motor world

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