Renault wants to provide service to its customers

25.3.2020. In case COVID19 current Renault protects trading partners, in cooperation with the services offered to the customers as possible.

In addition, Renault offers a comprehensive package of measures, a pillow for his partner, Renault, Renault dealers in Germany Germany and the economic and financial results of the bank support.

We Kochgeschirr boss of Renault Germany, of course, we support the inclusion of legal principles and guidelines that apply to the spread of Corona, “he says. First and foremost, for the safety and health of customers and employees. At the same time stable, as the current rules and the rules together as possible in a comprehensive manner within the framework of a customer service network.”

Renault customer services, of course, to get for questions, e-mail, phone or live chat. All dialog options can be found. Renault accident assistance service of documents specified in hours or phone numbers to reach in case of a failure.

Most businesses also service maintenance and Repair Services website. Currently, Renault workshop for customers and their individual needs Front nine.

The rules of Hygiene and space necessary, of course, is respected. Renault Renault joint visit to the dealer on the phone and ask for a quote contact customer service about opening times and special recommends.

Relevant contact information, dealer locator over can be found.

Mobile trading is currently a serious hard on for the car is limited to across the country. Looking for a New Or Used Car, latest offers offers you can find below or under. under brochure and price list can be requested. So equipped, you can always make your own digital business customers requests.

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