Air rescue services are currently fully backed up

(ADAC air rescue GmbH) 26.3.2020. Corona air service in front the outbreak of the great challenges of emergency medicine in Germany. To procure urgent medical supplies of the population from the air, ADAC Air Rescue is currently 37 stations for increased security measures continue to be valid.

Ambulance Service, the Flying Angels is an important message for those concerned about the yellow and can be used without restriction. Meanwhile, the corona, the first two Fotur/east of Metz, the SAAR from the French hospital at the University Hospital of mutual aid beyond the context of a cross plane – there were patients transported by rescue helicopter of the ADAC. The use of the crew of the rescue helicopter “66 Mainz, Germany Christoph 77” and “Christopher had Eßweiler”.

“There we are. The ADAC Foundation is a nonprofit corporation, Frederic Bruder, general manager as in the past, as quickly as in the past, so sure,“ she emphasizes. Thus, further development to prevent the increase of the ADAC air ambulance currently you should set can be provided. The virus is spread in Germany, a helicopter, two spare is also provided, in certain regions there is an increasing need to transport probably.

First the good news: so far, no sign of infection which would jeopardize operational readiness the ADAC rescue helicopter Crew members. Frederic’s brother “and to abide by our teams in the best way to protect us against infection and disease and everything, on his own behalf, within the framework of the general interest, we will do,” he explains. Therefore, the Teams, currently a pilot, paramedics and emergency doctors, each of no one, have access to air rescue stations. Also nationality, education, as well as during the process of social relationships with each other can be reduced to a minimum. As much as possible, at least to a distance of two meters shall apply.

Among other protective measures, Masks when necessary, protection and use of protective clothing, in addition to the increasing usage disinfectant after each use. Due to our service teams for children of employees for the institution of the ADAC Air Rescue Special budgets, lack of childcare workers with child care and toys to avoid the need to quit.

The first two, the flight surgeon, Dr. Rupert Matthias, the head, depending on which infections the patient can be transported because the ADAC Air Rescue in the hospital a number of operations on the ground of Corona-Corona flooring flights reported sick already. Rupert “Corona, regardless of We are ready with a helicopter for transportation of patients with infectious diseases,” he said.

Basic hygiene rules that apply in the case of a Corona, in addition to the patient 4 (the highest score:) three Protection category according to their own standards for air transport there is a risk of falling. This just could be flown in a vented condition. This flight physician Rupert: “in case of need, it must be ensured that the risk of infection is minimized outgoing.”

Helicopter transport patients under mechanical ventilation with a closed system to be able to the title also applies to other serious respiratory infections. In general, the ADAC air rescue appears to be a shortage of supply of protective masks and clothing, but enough was delivered.

Risk teams are currently important for the recovery of a group of individuals whose air meetings have been canceled all due to the daily contact with patients count, because if a participant becomes ill if in contact with him were quarantined would be all. Danger, in the worst case, the emergency medical care of the population may be in Germany from the air. ADAC air rescue for this next week, kept as a priority.

This pass also responded to an outbreak of the corona. Call right now and who is in an emergency situation, 112, and / or symptoms of many meetings of the monitoring stations and the ADAC air rescue according to the terms of mandatory for people who are infected high-risk regions should be to provide information about visits. Recovery service possible with Corona-it may be too early to a suspicious situation.

Approximately 160 pilots, paramedics are about 250, 150 technicians and 600 physicians across the country for almost 1300 people, including the ADAC air rescue efforts. In general, a station on the team of three pilots, five emergency health care team and an emergency room physician 15. Flying Yellow Angels 2019, the number of rescue missions was, for the fifth year in a row, a record level in approximately 150 transactions a day is equivalent to around 54,000.

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