Rolls-Royce Cullinan of Mansory: Royal flagrant

The Geneva exhibition is not only a great Stage for car Manufacturers, the Tuner will show the shores of Lake Geneva willingly their latest Products. Especially Mansory high here in the Past willingly powerful on the Plaster. This Year has prevented the Coronavirus of the Mass, that the Virus but does not prevent many of the Debauchery of our “beloved” Luxusveredlers.

If You thought that Mansorys new Audi RS 6 or the Venatus on Lamborghini Urus would have been plenty for hearty Meals, then You know the Kingdoms certainly too bad. We present to You the new Rolls-Royce Cullinan “Coachline”.

If stiff, the new Mansorys Audi RS 6 Avant (2020) of Mansory: Extravagant Noble Combined with The Mansory Venatus is the Lamborghini Urus more gracile Modesty

Now, You can, from the Work without problem, more than 400 000 € to spend, if You are the Cullinan of Your Dreams want to assemble. The Customization Possibilities of the imposing Suv seem to be inexhaustible. Are unlimited, but no, because a day or Goodwooder Modepolizei (dis: Rolls-Royce, himself) in the Game, too daredevil Creations to prevent it. Its Taste is simply too extravagant? Enter the World of Mansory!

An almost obscene body kit with Mofor (!), abundant Spoilers, Injectors, Trials and a lot of Carbon made of Cullinan … yes … what You will find here, precisely, to see.

But Outside, it seems, is only the Prelude. Do the reverse for the Doors to open and Your Eyes sink into a Shock wave of Turquoise. Even the monumental padded child Seat could not have the time to get out of the Dust to make.

However, it is not only the Interior, the boldness, and the Hue overwhelmed. The vertical rails of the Grille and of the Frieze above the door edge, door the color trend of the 80’s. To top it all off, even the pride and the Spirit of Ecstasy turquoise bathed. The good Emily after 109 Years and still live it, she would have probably not even thought possible.

To the side of the Optical Mansory, but also on the Mechanics of the Cullinan busy. After the update that brings 6.75-Litre bi-turbo V12 now of 601 HP and 950 Nm. The 30 HP and 100 Nm more than the Factory, and even a little more than at Cullinan Black Badge. It is as well as the luxury SUV now in smooth of 5 Seconds to 100 km/h and accelerate up to a maximum of 280 km/h create.

How much does it cost, a Rolls-Royce Cullinan in a Mansory Cullinan Coachline in turn, is not known, but it is likely that your Prospects, your wallet far enough, should open. Eight Copies should emerge.



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Rolls-Royce Cullinan



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