More expensive to refuel compared to the previous month in the month of July 2020

3.8.2020. Drivers in the month of July the average federal gasoline and Diesel, had to pay more money in the month of June. ADAC, which is 1.7 cents more than the previous month, the federal funding at a cost of 1.256 million euros, a liter of Super E10 according to the monthly market analysis. The European average rose 0.4 per cent to 1,090 per liter of diesel.

At the beginning of the month, time and rates the VAT rate 1.18 dollars more for a two-year high, which climbed to tight Euro fell for a suitable framework is provided, but the tank is to protect customers from July, wish I had a little more depth in the bag. To make up for some of the increase in crude oil prices were easy.

Within a month the gas commodity price fluctuations is quite low. For each fuel, the drive is supposed to 26. Pay a maximum of July. These days, federal funding for 1,264 million euros a liter of diesel fuel liter super E10, which cost 1 million EURO 1.102 million euros you have to pay.

15 is the cheapest way to fill up the tank. July. These days, in the case of 1,079 million euros, the average price for Super E10, and diesel per liter for a liter of 1,246 million euros. (Diesel) as a result of the difference in price between the cheapest and the most expensive tanktag was fraud across the country (Super E10) and 1.8 cents to 2.3 cents.

Suggests drivers in the ADAC fuel prices for comparison. Sometimes considerable price differences between the time of tank and with daily use, saves a lot of money, and at the same time, it strengthens competition between providers. So, usually the cheapest between 18 and 22 hours to refuel after a valid assessment of the ADAC.

A smart phone application to help simple and fast “is offering ADAC fuel prices. Detailed information and current prices on the fuel market also there are.

Fuel prices in the month of July 2020 (source: ADAC e. V.)

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