The Institute for production management (IPM) and Volkswagen group logistics offers innovative logistics solutions

14.5.2019. The current social and technological Megatrends are also the logistics in the automotive industry with new challenges. Against this Background, around 560 logistics experts met today for the “Innovative Logistics Solution Day” in Wolfsburg.

It was hosted by the Institute for production management (IPM) under the auspices of the Volkswagen group logistics. The conference will focus on the topics of Zero-Impact Factory, Artificial intelligence, and New business models and Digital Transformation and their impact on the automotive logistics.

75 companies from eight countries came to the “Innovative Logistics Solution Day” in the Congress Park in Wolfsburg. Including ten innovative companies that have been selected in the framework of a Scouting process from over 430 applications, and got the chance to present your logistics solutions in the “Innovative Logistics Solution Day”.

“We have selected with the Institute for production management in a global competition are some of the most innovative companies in the automotive logistics,” said Thomas Zernechel, head of Volkswagen group logistics. The digital future of the automotive logistics in a very multi-faceted, what is evident in the exhibition.

The company informed the logistics expert, for example, to granules based grippers that can adapt to different components independently, and thus, the automation of Sequencing and order picking tasks to make it more flexible.

A solution from Spain is a route optimizer that improves thanks to the artificial intelligence constantly. The routes are planned in a fraction of a second, which increases productivity. The digitisation can also make a contribution to CO2-reduction, showed a company from Rotterdam: With the help of a digital platform, carriers can cooperate with each other. Empty runs should be, and transport capacity are avoided.

Ralf Appel, head of material logistics, Volkswagen group logistics, said: “The digitalisation of our logistical processes, allows us consistency and transparency. If the information is available in real time, decisions can be more efficient, faster and holistic controlled. An essential prerequisite for the successful digitization of a well, however, is the functioning of the process. Therefore, it is important to us to make the process lean and digitize it later.“

A total of 560 participants met in Wolfsburg for the „Innovative Logistics Solution Day“. (Photo: Volkswagen AG)

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