Holography modules in the Golf GTI Aurora can be real and virtual world blend

29.5.2019. It’s fast and loud he is, at first glance, innovative, and future focused on the second: The Golf GTI Aurora, and Volkswagen is currently on the GTI Meet at the Wörthersee shows. Because the technology Highlight of the piece is only visible when you open the trunk!

Here is a holography module to the innovation development of the Volkswagen Group Components, honed over months of work. Now you can control the High-End sound system on the show vehicle is an intuitive-to-use hologram – a world premiere not only at the Wörthersee.

Volkswagen holography module (photo: Volkswagen AG)

“With this hologram technology, we have managed to combine the real and virtual world,” said Thomas Schmall, CEO of Volkswagen Group Components. “Almost everyone is familiar with holograms from Hollywood movies such as Star Trek and Star Wars – and we are close to this theatre a reality.”

In contrast to three-dimensional experiences that we know from the cinema, you need the Showcar Aurora but no 3D-glasses, special sensor gloves or Joysticks. Schmall continued: “It’s like a kind of Fata Morgana, you can clearly see. We use a whole new user experience. The hologram floats freely in space, above the Hardware that is installed in a compact module in the trunk.“

Volkswagen holography module (photo: Volkswagen AG)

A technical insight, Mark Möller, head of development of Volkswagen Group Components granted: “We create a floating image using Software Algorithms and visual technology building blocks. The System automatically detects the Operation preferences of the user, and implements them – so intuitive and self-evident operation is created.“

The Details of the technology were, according to Möller secret operation on the Basis of an own, patented technology. It is clear, however: The holographic control unit in the Golf GTI Aurora is not a game, even if you are irritating to Play with. “The holography System is already available today, technology building blocks feasible, so don’t Science-Fiction. Up to a possible use in production vehicles, but it will take some time,“ says Möller.

Volkswagen holography module (photo: Volkswagen AG)

Holography is a technology that enthusiastic after a few hand movements and within seconds each user. Because holograms are intuitive to use. Finally, and the man lives in three dimensions, he knows with the projected 3D-controls to deal. As to interaction that feels natural is created quickly:

If you push freely in space floating Start, stop, and Pause buttons, selects with a finger tip, to Album from flying, animated play lists in the form of a cube or changing the volume in the air being projected volume control. The User knows immediately how the control concept works, even if you have never used before, this hologram technology.

Volkswagen holography module (photo: Volkswagen AG)

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