Opel Corsa-E series standard air full air conditioning

11.2.2020 original design. This is a nice turbo by pressing the internal temperature before pressure application: new Application myopelservice, the new Opel Corsa-e is a real comfort there.

Thus, the battery completely not applicable-in case of low outside temperatures Corsa windscreen scratch free electric E – and in the heat of the summer a pleasant coolness in the driver compartment at all times it is clear that the new. Thus, the Corsa-E is always heating and air conditioning is fitted as standard. New comfort for the driver and passengers is open. Electro Corsa to the following places in advance, because top-class competition nitro cooling even sent. You should look for a similar property in vain.

These and many other technologies such as ultra-modern Support Systems, e continues the tradition of the five previous generations of the Opel brand Opel Corsa, Corsa for the democratization of technology and especially the equipment and comfort is always stopped, and the vehicle of its class to have as a novelty at affordable prices. Spring is coming and already the new Corsa e is available for order.

Jump, and it starts to feel good

The process is very simple: Corsa-e, myopelservice users Application, select your vehicle, or alternatively open to each other, directly in the cockpit. This program displays.

Within a few minutes the interior is just a feel-good temperature you may not get, but the slices of ice cream-free ice!

Corsa e domestic passengers comfortable for warming – extreme temperature of -20 degrees Celsius as pleasant an outdoor and, in the case it lasts a maximum of 45 minutes, and is ideal for the efficiency and life of the battery.

Temperature, time Corsa-load e

Corsa-e external power supply, external power for the temperature compensation of the grid with the necessary energy, for example, an internal power socket, a Wallbox is connected or a quick charger in addition to a warm and relaxed interior while the gain in comfort: this is one advantage of more about each other. Thus, for the full range of up to 337 kilometers WLTP1 can be used after opening. This high-efficiency, comfort, and mind with smart driving.

[1] the values specified for the (EU) (Regulation (EC) no 715/2007 and regulation no test procedure has been identified as 2017/1151 wlkp. A range of real circumstances vary every day and several factors, in particular, personal driving style, Terrain, outside temperature, use of heater and air conditioning, thermal depends on studies that have been conducted up to the present.

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