2020 ADAC GT Masters: Luca Stolz and Maro Engel WRT Tokatspor with the title I want to fight

13.2.2020 Munich. After last year’s successful hospitality operations, Eifel region team is facing his first full season in the series now. World Cup winner and former DTM driver, Maro Engel (34/Mounted) GT-Carlo FIA Mercedes pilot (24/Brachbach)-Luca Stolz, who won the ADAC GT Masters race Evo AMG model, the higher the team is well-known is based on forces. Than 24 when it comes to target. 26. The beginning of the end of the season the team’s title-winning Oschersleben April.

Team boss Buyukbayrak Emre “as a driver we are happy to Maro and Luca announced,” he said. “Without a doubt for the experience and professionalism to help our team – Dec piece. Our team we’re very happy together and I want to be the first race in front.“

It is possible that last year’s WRT Tokatspor already showed his guest appearances. N angel and the Stedelijk Museum Proudly, second and third place in race four and drove. Therefore, the N around Queidersbach-based also comes equipped immediately to go to the team title.

“Guest starting in 2019, after we wanted to ride in the ADAC GT Masters necessarily the” best team of the rally with the sport Buyukbayrak successful and 2019, won the European Championships with Chris Ingram, not a full season. “The higher the level of Sports Series model is one of the highest in the world, therefore, we are pleased to be a part of it. We can’t wait to go.“

The driver of the Angels, and pride that is rooted in the duo is a team. For a few years, share a cockpit, and since that day is celebrated, especially in the case of international long-distance racing success.

Maro Engel, “I’m looking forward to it, now with ADAC GT Masters to complete a full season tokatspor WRT and there’s Luca,” he says. I know the whole team is extremely motivated. To prepare ourselves in the best way, for us it is to build last year’s results and this hard-fought championship we’ll try to play a strong role.“

Team-mate Luca Stolz ADAC GT Masters we know that there is a very balanced set of hard and added: “. Our preparations are going well and we look forward to the opening of the season, Oschersleben.“

As of 2019, Tokatspor WRT next season Evo for the new Mercedes-AMG model uses a higher package. Emre Buyukbayrak: “together, 2019 Mercedes-AMG customer we’ll be happy to continue and expand the cooperation After we worked as a team.”

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