Marc-Andre ter Stegen CUPRA is part of the family

13.2.2020. For now the family continues to grow Cupra, extended Marc-Andre ter Stegen as a brand ambassador CUPRA representatives of the global private apartment. German national football player, as one of the best goalkeepers in the world at the international level, the brand awareness is considered to help for greater performance.


Collaboration with FC Barcelona since the month of August 2019

The cooperation with the goalie very logical: in the month of August last, and mobility CUPRA official automotive partners, was launched as a collaboration with FC Barcelona, the goalkeeper is already in the summer of 2014, because it is active. The Catalan club house, Cupra is considered to be one of the most successful clubs in the world.

Extremely CUPRA has increased and will continue to increase to 2019

CUPRA how FC Barcelona celebrating a great success: in fiscal year 2019, only the results with units sold increased 24.700 per cent on an annual basis – this year, the brand will continue to grow. Therefore, it strengthens the brand’s partnership with Barca, the club of the most famous players sweat a bar willingly.

“Welcome to the family CUPRA for Marc-Andre ter Stegen it is with great pleasure we would like. Of course, not everyone on the legs with his excellence on large projects we will do, however, we were impressed with his personality at the same time superior in our confidence, encourage us in the know today knows the playing field. 2020, and therefore, collaborate with world-class FC Barcelona inspired by the goal, all over the world, for example, with the awareness of our brand in key markets such as Germany and Spain footballer people who make a contribution I want to CUPRA’s CEO, Wayne Griffiths,“ he says, and abilities evidence of a strong product offensive year on the market with the Cupra.

14 titles in the last five years

Career Marc-Andre great web success story a sweat. Local Dusseldorf, in the last five years, (14 titles of Copa del Rey (2015), including the UEFA Champions League, Spanish Cup and the Spanish champion four times and often like) won. In addition, the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup for the German national team celebrated victory at the 24 missions completed.

“Messi gloves”

Contemporary sports brand SUPRA represents the rule of law, while a modern style, the famous and brilliant ter Stegen as a goalkeeper with quick reflexes with a block there. A teammate was awarded several times as a tribute to the world’s best player Lionel Messi, “Messi glove as a tool to” there’s ter Stegen. Strong personality, very appreciative of her Catalan culture FC Barcelona metropolitan as a major player, a charismatic citizen.

Marc-Andre ter Stegen “CUPRA fills me with great pride to be a global ambassador,” she says. For Barcelona “fully define the values of the brand: passion, perseverance, and strength, as well as connection. Good details like a Cupra, a high value and a fair, elegant and sporty performance that I value. The Future Forward project that I can’t be active in the Cupra and I look forward to a successful partnership you enjoy I’m going for the specific model of the brand.“

Azteca takes a limited number of CUPRA goalie

This is a long-term partnership in the context of Marc-Andre ter Stegen is one of the models Azteca CUPRA limited edition 1.999. Barcelona’s goalkeeper training games for him and no eyes on the road and enjoy the rich sound Design of the vehicle to the buyer.

Azteca 2019 Cupra limited edition introduced in Geneva Auto Salon was there. High-performance SUV with a custom design limited special model sets new standards for performance and stylish brand. Copper is made as carbon fiber elements, a new designed 20-inch alloy wheels improve aerodynamic performance and give an additional touch to its aesthetic.

Under this heading a high-efficiency 2-litre TSI petrol engine, four-cylinder, turbo-charging and direct fuel injection (VOLKSWAGEN) 7-speed dual-clutch transmission and on the way 4Drive four-wheel drive system via torque (300 hp) 221 kW and 400 Nm. Akrapovic exhaust system and progressive steering to make it a truly unique car (fuel consumption: 7,4 L/100 km; CO2-emissions combined: 168 g/km; CO2 efficiency Class: D).

Official presentation on May 20. February

The premiere of the family the new Seat Leon Cupra, CUPRA sweat in 20 bars in the world, which in the context of the garage opening. Held in the month of February, officially the global ambassador for the Cupra will be presented. The brand celebrated its second birthday, is not within the scope of this event.

Passion, perseverance and strength

CUPRA the perfect brand values: passion, perseverance and the power of an elite team that reflects the strength of a champion. Last year, Mattias Ekström and other famous athletes, depending on the CUPRA a brand ambassador in the ship, brought more than one winner in various racing series. This is his career, numerous Olympic medals, alpine skier Michael Kottulinsky possible to earn or number, among other things, includes the Spanish сауль кравиотто kayakers. An increasingly popular padel tennis as a sport performance brand is also active, where the world’s best players managed to win four of the Cupra as a partner.

Introduction of the new Seat Leon Cupra family


CUPRA on 20. February to meet my family for the new headquarters, opening the garage Cupra, the new Seat Leon Cupra but also on the occasion of this milestone in the history of the company. This Leon CUPRA is a Sports Tourer wagon version five-door hatchback and station not just as a Leon Cupra. Additionally, the Leon CUPRA Competicion race car and racers are part of the family.CUPRA e

A brand Drive storage Center

The Seat Cupra is located near the central garage, and the paddock of a race track design the model of a multipurpose building. Open and airy two bullets deliberately, and now, sales, operational headquarters, marketing, purchasing and finance departments will cover more than 2,400 square feet home designed to be. The central 10.500 square meters is on a site in the middle of nature. The future model to provide enough space for impressive presentation of a large porch and terraces and other outdoor activities.

(Photo: CUPRA)CUPRA limited edition Azteca

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