Kona Hyundai range with advanced electric

18.3.2020. Hyundai Motor improved its product range continuously. Kona Hyundai Electric customer kWh 150 kW for the new and 64/100 km kWh battery (power consumption by 14.7 together; g/km, CO2 emissions combined: 0) benefit in three ways:

The range increased by 8 percent, rear Bike rack installation program and the newly launched daily European носовице of the plant increases production, shorten the delivery time.
New low-friction tyres, reduce fuel consumption and increase range

Lower rolling resistance tires low friction suspension such as kWh used for adjustments of the lead battery-electric Kona Hyundai 64 for the first time. This 374 kWh/100 km 15.4 kWh/100 km average energy consumption is reduced. As a result, compared to the past more than 35 km 484 km-SUV Version 64 increases kWh – electric Life range.

“Our goal is to decide for an electric vehicle as easy as possible for our customers. There have been a number of electric Kona convincing. With an increase of 8 percent for 480 yards, Kona on the big tour very quiet electric drive, now with environmentally friendly building may be due to the longer distance on a single charge.“
Jürgen Keller
General Manager Of Hyundai Motor Germany

Now able to move the bike more comfortable

Hyundai now offers the first electric kWh battery electric vehicles as the Kona one is supporting a load of 100 kg up to 64. Optional rear carrier system, can be mounted bicycle carrier Genuine Hyundai accessory can be used as a move in the game, for example, e-Bike for kids. With this increasing daily, Hyundai Electric SUV there will be more to lifestyle a true Kona, and drives active at the same time, waste-free lifestyle provides.

Reduces production lead times in Europe

The solution the demand for Hyundai vehicles has been increasing continuously. Therefore, Hyundai Nosovice, Czech Kona now producing electricity at the plant and Ulsan in South Korea, the main factory to increase production. Thus, the electrical life situation eight Hyundai-SUV tripled and greatly shortens the delivery time.

Eight years warranty and promote an attractive environment

Kona Hyundai Electric powerful electric drive, it makes me happy to drive a range of day and with a stylish design. Lifestyle compact SUV specialist do not convince the press: 2018, car electric car king to get him selected in the category of image editors. The first electric SUV, electric vehicle warranty with no mileage limit in the eight years of Kona Hyundai offers. In addition, a total of 8 thousand euros with the buyer an environmental bonus, a grant of 3000 euros Economic BAFA (Federal Circle) savings and export control, Germany Hyundai Motor, such as 5 thousand euros.

Fuel consumption and emission figures

(150 kW) combined: Kona Hyundai for electricity by 14.7 kWh/100 km power consumption, g/km 0 CO2 emissions; CO2 efficiency Class: A+combined.

In accordance with the values specified wlkp projected fuel consumption and CO2 emission-measurement method were determined.

(Photo: Hyundai)Hyundai Electric Kona

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