Corona: Volkswagen supports traders with extensive liquidity support

25.3.2020. The brand Volkswagen Passenger Cars, Volkswagen laced with traders a comprehensive package of measures to strengthen bank liquidity.

In addition, the offer of the temporary credit increases and bonuses and bonuses and found to be improved in terms of suspended and interest rate controls may be preferred for extended payment terms.

The aim of all measures, is the provision of a bridge financing quick and simple. Already delivered but not yet funded that payment for all new vehicle deliveries and vehicle stock in Target will be 120 days.

In addition, the temporary increases in the credit extended for the duration of the current 90 to 270 days.

The trade of new and used cars, rates for advance payments of the plans may be subject to 270 days. A low interest pay for the loan back from the dealer and Volkswagen Bank at the bank’s own on a moratorium for 270 days. Pre-condition that existing government support measures, proven in use.

Sales Director, Volkswagen Passenger Association is in close contact daily with traders. Also upcoming post Adjustments in the second quarter, the brand to consider, in the past, the individual trader will be in the current situation.

Corona virus contains “measures provide our investors with major challenges. Holger B. Santel sales and marketing Germany, Germany press, strong, powerful, we want to provide the best support for our distribution network,“ he said.

With an attractive range of vehicles, as well as complete electrical summer for the launch of the identity.A focus on online trading as well as are prepared for the crisis after a very good financial result, 2019 3, the Model new agency, the brand looks for the time.

“The car is still available and can be ordered. In China, we are seeing the first positive signals for the revival already in the current month. A model similar to this we hope to stabilize the situation in Europe.“

01. ID.3: the car is not available in Europe

Volkswagen ID.3 (PHOTO: Volkswagen AG)

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