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26.3.2020 Mladá Boleslav. Modern four-wheel-drives to enjoy and use 1999 in the case of Skoda, the Octavia Combi 4 4×since the entry into then, since you have a huge fan base.

Electronically controlled multi-plate clutch on the basis of 4 4×current drive technology, the fifth generation, fully automatic, highly efficient and extremely economical. Due to their design, wet or snow-covered roads before anything else on his strong plays. Variable between front and rear axle increased power dissipation, however, is located on the land all kinds of safe driving in all seasons and driving dynamics.

Customers 4×4 drive with 1999 SKODA model-driven Octavia Combi 4×by the end 4-2019 in turn, ŠKODA AUTO, more than a million vehicles wheel – since first market entry. More than 157,000 around the world in the last year alone, Škoda Auto model, the Octavia four-wheel drive vehicle, perfect, and KAROQ KODIAQ produced. Around 60 percent of all customers KODIAQ the 4×4 variant to select it. Another more customer SKODA model all-wheel drive version is preferable.

This wheel is no longer long power plays, gravel, mud or snow out of the way drive. 4 Modern 4×drive technology, ŠKODA, at the same time, for security, on dry asphalt. As traction, driving stability and driving dynamics, and in many cases advantageous, if only the front of the vehicle at the same time the rear axle is driven. This means: in the normal driving operation of the driver over the front wheels. Loss of traction, electronically controlled hydraulic multi-threatens-turned plate held on the fifth generation of the drive torque to the rear wheels within a fraction of a second automatically directs a portion of clutch. Power is transmitted every time without the involvement of the driver until it is necessary is there.

Electronic control interventions within milliseconds

This SKODA four-wheel-drive (such as anti-lock braking system), ABS (electronic stability control ESC, electronic differential lock EDL as the most important support systems with the network, XDS+ is like for extension. As a result, the control electronics driving conditions and the road surface in milliseconds speed paddle bend, or may respond to changing boundary conditions such as during.

Electronic control of the individual wheels in a targeted manner to keep a course safely. In this case, the inside wheel-speed cornering, the drive torque and, therefore, in part, is transmitted to the opposite wheel if it is relieved. Thus, the ŠKODA 4×4 technology supports the work of driving dynamics control systems, wet, dry or slippery road surfaces safe and comfortable driving of similar properties is provided. Also, these drivers are often on the road with a trailer or a caravan and car you will appreciate. During start up or curved, four-wheel traction, excellent traction, thanks to their concrete benefits. 4 SKODA 4×-front wheel drive compared to a similar vehicle with more varieties 25% have the right to pull a load it’s good to know.

All-wheel drive, the consumption-optimized control

Current 4×4 model of the heart, SKODA, electronically controlled multi-plate clutch fifth generation. The continuous distribution of power between front and rear axle that holds a hydraulic system. Under normal circumstances, the driver over the front wheels.

In case of need, making power plate pack and a flow pressure to the rear axle, clutch oil pressure is generated. This variable is a function of the respective driving situation. The electronic control unit provides automatic engagement of the speed difference between the axles is the smallest. In addition, this sensor information as numerous engine speed, pedal position, wheel speed and lateral and longitudinal acceleration, steering angle of the accelerator processes.

Electronic distribution of torque between the wheels and axles in milliseconds to provide individual and can react to changes to fit the situation. If any liability is able to connect to the front wheels even though the driver is reliable. Then the clutch will increase to 90 percent of the drive torque to the rear axle.

Under extreme conditions, the system has only one wheel drive power of 85% is able to transfer even. 4×4 drive is highly efficient and is very economical. Rear axle only driving the necessity of the condition is clear. In a push operation, the drive saves energy at low load or during normal output of the front axle mostly.

SKODA 4×4 stands for expertise customers

In past years, continuously extended the entire range of ŠKODA vehicles wheel drive. 4×4 variants now provides a significant contribution to the success of the brand. More models optional all-wheel drive are available; most of them are already in the series have two power axes. Meanwhile, four driven wheels with, OCTAVIA, Superb, the third generation SUV and is available in several variants as well as two KAROQ KODIAQ.

SKODA 4×4 specialty courses are always more customers, by 2019 the German magazine Auto Bild allrad wheel of a car all at the same time the reader’s choice ‘three times to indicate success. AMAZING already won the prestigious award for the tenth time, this time ‘the wheel of 40.000 euro as a means of making the best cars in the category. KODIAQ all this land ‘will take first place in the category of imported cars and safe 35.000 €’ SUV for the fifth time, the Octavia Scout Qaeda, upper-class, all-wheel drive Crossover ‘import looks like a winner.

For an extra touch of ŠKODA AUTO Deutschland, online magazine, SKODA 4×4 Learn more about the functioning of the drive. The first experiments with a multi-drive took the brand, in fact, already in the late 1930s axis. A touch more extra you this exciting 4×4 to learn the history.

4 SKODA 4 wheel drive SKODA electronically-controlled multi-centre there are currently four×plate clutch fifth generation offers a broad portfolio of vehicles. (Source: SKODA)

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