Daimler, the company’s management and the General Affairs Council, and accept the Occupational Safety and profitability at key points

29.7.2020 Stuttgart. To reduce staff costs in Germany, the company agreed at the General Affairs Council after intensive discussions with the administration and the important points. Due to the outbreak of the corona of the prescribed measures, particularly the economic burden and will serve to ensure job security.

The main measures are as follows:

Executive production-related areas and the work week for employees of Daimler 1.10.2020 30.09.2021% reduced, as a rule, it will be as two hours without wage compensation.
And production management for all employees, Earnings for 2020 contribute.
2021 collective agreement, the additional mandatory days all money paid is converted to the time.

Details on the implementation of the framework agreement in the coming weeks, more will be worked the employee representatives. The deal with Daimler AG Mercedes-Benz AG, Daimler AG-trucks Daimler Brand & IP Management GmbH & Co. apply to all employees. Daimler kg and Gastronomie GmbH in Germany.

“This crisis is important in order to cope with temporary labour we would like to thank for their contribution. In addition, and still has to fight to solve long-term structural problems. Daimler AG Wilfried Location: Human Resources Committee, business manager and a member of the company and we came safe from the crisis and strengthening is the only way to secure the future of the business,“ he said.

The uncertainty about jobs as secure as short as possible to keep the general works council of Daimler AG Michael Brecht, president: “we do what we promise. The agreed principles, and our financial stability has an important contribution to the preservation of employment. No one you need to feel the presence of a threat. More Daimler: employment remains, in 2030, backed up, and except for a reason to stay.“

With these additional measures, the company Corona worsening of the economic conditions of the country gives a significant response. Already in the month of December 2019, in order to increase the efficiency and flexibility of the structure of the Daimler and socially acceptable costs reduction measures to reduce the group (MECHANISM) of the General Affairs Council has agreed a deal with a company in diameter.

The goal of the staff cost until the end of 2022 and to significantly reduce. The advantage of natural attrition Daimler is empty for jobs. In addition, for example, and expanded the opportunities for partial retirement in Germany, severance began a program to reduce management positions. In principle, this programme pairs volunteers.

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