Mercedes GLB with Brabus-Tuning: the top or the bottom, depending on the layout of

Elegant styling, Aerodynamic Components, light Alloy wheels 18, 19 or 20 Inches in Diameter is casual and comfortable suspension system, the SUV’s high or low, a Motor and the Interior-Changes: From Brabus, a Tuning Mercedes-GLB to.

The Body are made of Polyurethane-Plastic (PUR) is made. The double front spoiler for Cars with AMG Line Package is designed in such a way that it is right and on the left on the lower Part of the Skirt fastening. The Front can Frontschürzeneinsätzen for the side air intakes modified.

“Two LED Modules powerful to improve during the Actuation of the beam or calls of Headlights, the Illumination of the Road ahead of the Vehicle.” (Brabus Press Release)

A “Power Beams”-Dachaufsatz with Zusatzscheinwerfern, during Night driving for Safety. The two powerful LED Modules are to Turn the road lights on. According to Brabus, the “Lighting of the Roadway” on the Night of the improve. But, given that the Tuner is to explicitly call the Lighthouses mentioned, is flamboyant Zusatzscheinwerfern well above all the other road Users to discipline.

The Rear view of all Variants of the GLB with a Spoiler on the Tailgate to be processed. Specially designed for Vehicles with AMG Line Package, there is also a set of four black Tailpipes, chrome-plated, with 90 Mm of Diameter.

Brabus also offers to adapt the Wheel-Tire Combinations in 18 -, 19-and 20-Inch. On the Photos are the larger Wheels (one-Piece Z in the Dimension 8.5Jx20) in Ten of the Branches with black Paint and with polished Surfaces to see. Associated with this, there are Tires from Continental, Pirelli or Yoykohama up to the Dimension 255/40 R 20 on the Rear.

Your motorcycle

Specially designed for Use with low-profile tyres have been Sportfedern for the transmission 4Matic Variants of the GLB developed. The height of about 30 Millimeters also benefits the Optical, so Brabus. For GLB Owner of the Car as driving pleasure all-Terrain, offers Brabus for the Allradversionen also Feathers with which the SUV for about 35 Millimeters higher is placed.

An increase of power, Brabus proposes, first, that for the farm cooperative of 250. The PowerXtra B25 Performance Upgrade allows the series of 224 HP and 350 Nm of a heavy Version 46 PS more Power, increasing Torque of 80 Nm.

The Transformation is from a motion control Module Plug-and-Play, the Procedure will be installed. To improve the Normsprint Time to 6.6 Seconds, the Speed increases to 240 km/h. The Upgrade for all the GLB-250 Models available, either front or awd. PowerXtra-Options for the other Drives of the GLB are under Development.

More sport GLB Versions: Mercedes-AMG GLB 45: Early Beginnings through to the european Patent office Mercedes-AMG GLB 35 (2019): mpv seven seater with 306 HP, Petrol

The Veredelungsoptionen for the Interiors, anodized Aluminum-door Sills with Brabus Logo, with Mood Lighting in 64 Tones illuminated can be. Matte anodized aluminum pedals and floor Mats for all three Rows of seats with Brabus Logo are available, as is a Brabus-cargo mat.

The individual Desires of the hotel-Upholstery fulfilled. To do this, in a near-infinite variety of Colors especially soft and yet durable Mastik Leather and fine Alcantara at your Disposal.

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Mercedes-Benz GLB


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