50 Opel Manta property and celebrate. Birthday

13.2.2020 original design. 1970 Opel middle-class revolution. At the Opel plant ledges, tight body, excellent handling and driving dynamics of a sports sedan prototype. This property at extra sporty two-door, four-door sedan or as a way of life with flair first Outdoor highlights. All Opel Manta with the crown.

Property racy coupé with technology to share their experiences. This is a very nice coupe will be affordable to large groups of recipients. Only two years after 1968 Opel GT, Manta, Opel, which is a much better car for the people.

Only a few of the new world and successfully keep track of new incoming Opel GT in the US – an international career, are sold. Today, the first generation of Manta and property-collector car prices New cars are sought after and widely changing. Cheapest Opel Manta once 8.300 DM-price-list.

Celebrating the year of 2020, Opel rally legends and Fans the beginning of the season (7 Classic Bodensee might say: Opel. 9. May be). Six manta rays and Property will be at the beginning of two generations. This 28 water Overture. About a hundred Manta June, and great presence in a facility, the Opel villas for was the classic meeting. 30 thousand visitors are expected to attend the birthday party this day. Of course, many Opel-club will give full throttle. An emphasis that Manta-collectors, organized a meeting of 25 experts and Manfred Henning. 27. September. Secure in Timmendorf Manta style 50 years ago in the press, where the beach of the Baltic Sea are presented – is done.


The Opel model offensive starts in the Seventies-

Manta 1970 debut name property and a new middle class models, there are celebrations. This property has two-and four-door sedan and Kadett is located between the beach and the full. In addition, a trend continued: the caravan version prior to the voyage, and, therefore, the time of the German manufacturer’s first compact lifestyle station wagon. Sporty girl with model Opel Manta in parallel with the growing family-friendly sports coupe segment opens. Chassis, suspension and drive technology, both models are the same, they both use Manta to between 60 and PS 105 PS four-cylinder engine with the location of the property.

On asphalt and gravel, sedan, a successful sports facility in the Walter Röhrl and co-pilot John Berger, European Rally champion in 1974, developed in 1975 Acropolis Rally, World Rally Championship, first win the race for Opel. In 1982, Röhrl/Geissendorfer 400 B has the property of the World Rally champion. 691.438 copies to the same period in the month of March 1975 resulting property will be built 498.553 your inbox.

Manta timmendorfer strand first to launch

Rays sporty coupes of the Wings-Logo photos of ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau, designed by Premiere will debut September 1970. Proper presentation Timmendorfer Strand at the Baltic Sea will take place. Opel Manta is uncharted territory. “Today we can offer you cars, stamps, old iron is a different but effective model to meet the needs of the newborn and in addition to participating in our programme”, – then in the text of the press, he said.

Manta new, stylish and sporty, and thus corresponds to the spirit of the time. Charming, family-friendly Coupes are all the rage. Individualism is in high demand, the Manta is able to meet this demand officially independent line. In the first year of sales units in Germany only in 1971 Opel Manta sends 56.200; a total of 498.553 copies will occur. The sister model, a Property shared with the Manta chassis, chassis and engine. A new delegate with the current generation of S 68 PS engines 80 hp, 1.6-liter four-cylinder version. With 90 hp the most powerful engine with the 1.8 S manta rays at the end of the four-liter-cylinder, Opel’s Often known.

In 1972 marked the introduction of the manta series 1.2-litre version, 60 hp, in the month of November of the same year, the luxuriously equipped version of the Manta Berlinetta model is supported by the program.

Sports steering wheel, rear glass, halogen headlights, power roof and vinyl tool bags, heated Berlinetta series. Five year very special models in the portfolio during the construction period:

Combining luxury features with lower price, “holiday”, “Plus”, “Swingers” and “Summer Market”. In 1974, Bosch L-Fuel with Top Model Manta GT/E 1.9-liter injection engine with 105 HP appears to be making. In the style of the Times, The Manta GT/E matte black chrome trim jewelry disclaims any and sets. Blue striped decorative sides in April 1975, after a short time Manta-B, Manta “black magic” GT/E is based on latest custom model: first, all painted black and wears red.

In the room made this property in the month of October 1970 Turin

Motorized equipment and in terms of the “new middle class between B and C. This record of excellence, the role of economic Kadett” Kadett luxury space dimensions in a seamless way as previously as a property of the “Olympic”version made. This property standard and luxury version – door sedan and a two-four is offered as.

The front axle is suspended with coil springs and separate telescopic shock absorbers wheels, rigid rear axle Panhard rod as two longitudinal-guided weapons. Liter four-cylinder engine with 68 hp and 80 hp version is higher than a density-1.6 can be used.

The Big Four in the record-cylinder, such as to have this property-on one side of the engine called the cylinder head (CIH)-bass-” camshaft “was held on a camshaft. 1972 March, 1.2-liter is offered, the 60 PS engine and thus a low-cost entry-level model is created.

Property, Travel model in the program a very well-known innovation represents. Two-door Caravan version it’s not a car, in the classic sense, but a recreational vehicle, rubber boots and bikes, a car for the young family with room for. Today’s popular lifestyle real estate in short: a pioneer. The journey is just the first in 1974, the L‑version is available as a luxury version of the Caravan are added to the less.

1971 SR 1.9 S Property and property complement the model range in the spring. -S Liter with 80 hp variant of the 1.6 SR, plant or 1.5-litre engine with 90 hp motor unit. There is a restaurant with two powerful engines, automatic transmission Opel made for the first time. Door estate car segment for the three existing SR even for Voyage-equipment – innovation.

Version also this property have the characteristics necessary to be a winner SR. European Rally Championship in 1974 two door sedan, with John Berger and Walter Röhrl. Röhrl and Berger euro Opel dealer team six wins and eight runs in the facility a maximum number of 120 meters, the current point which is unique to the World Rally Championship win. In 1975, a short while ago the successor to a B property, boiler, John Berger and Walter Röhrl, World Rally Championship Acropolis Rally was the first Opel to win the race and capture.

(Photo: Automobile Opel GmbH)Opel Manta property and

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